How Does a Cash Calendar Fundraiser Work

A cash calendar fundraiser is a popular and effective way for organizations and individuals to raise money for a specific cause or event. This fundraising method involves selling calendars with daily cash prizes to participants. Not only does it generate funds, but it also adds an exciting element of chance and anticipation for those who purchase the calendars. Let’s take a closer look at how a cash calendar fundraiser works and answer some frequently asked questions.

How Does a Cash Calendar Fundraiser Work?

1. Design and print calendars: Start by designing a visually appealing calendar that includes the organization’s logo and details about the cause. Each day of the month should have a space to write the winner’s name.

2. Sell calendar entries: Set a price for each calendar entry and start selling them to friends, family, and community members. Participants can choose a specific date on the calendar, which corresponds to a chance to win the daily cash prize.

3. Draw daily winners: Once all the entries are sold, draw a random winner every day. The winner receives a predetermined cash prize, which can vary depending on the organization’s budget and fundraising goals.

4. Promote winners: Announce the daily winners on social media, newsletters, or community boards to keep participants engaged and excited about the fundraiser.

5. Continue until the end of the month: Repeat the drawing process every day until the calendar month ends. Remember to keep track of the winners and distribute their prizes promptly.

6. Thank participants and wrap up: Once the cash calendar fundraiser is complete, thank all participants for their support and contribution. Share the success of the fundraiser and how the raised funds will be used for the cause.

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FAQs about Cash Calendar Fundraisers:

1. Can anyone participate in a cash calendar fundraiser?
Absolutely! Cash calendar fundraisers are open to anyone who wants to support the cause. They are especially popular within schools, sports teams, and community organizations.

2. How much should we charge for a calendar entry?
The price can vary depending on the fundraising goal and the community’s willingness to support. Typically, entries range from $10 to $20.

3. Who is responsible for distributing the daily cash prizes?
The organizer of the fundraiser is responsible for distributing the cash prizes to the winners promptly.

4. How many entries should we sell?
The number of entries will depend on the size of the community and the fundraising target. It’s important to set a realistic goal to ensure the success of the fundraiser.

5. Can participants buy multiple calendar entries?
Yes, participants can purchase as many calendar entries as they like, increasing their chances of winning a cash prize.

6. What happens if a date with no entry wins?
If a date with no entry wins, the cash prize can either roll over to the next day or be added to the fundraising pool.

7. How can we promote our cash calendar fundraiser?
Promote the fundraiser through social media, newsletters, flyers, and word-of-mouth. Engage with the community and share updates regularly to maintain excitement.

In conclusion, a cash calendar fundraiser is an engaging and profitable way to raise funds for a cause or event. By selling calendar entries and drawing daily winners, organizations and individuals can generate funds while providing participants with an exciting chance to win cash prizes. With proper promotion and organization, a cash calendar fundraiser can be a successful and rewarding endeavor.