How to Get Dark Side Currency Swgoh

How to Get Dark Side Currency in SWGOH

In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH), players must collect various currencies to progress in the game. One of these currencies is Dark Side Currency, which is essential to unlock and upgrade Dark Side characters. Here are some tips on how to acquire Dark Side Currency effectively:

1. Simulating Dark Side Battles: Completing Dark Side battles is the primary way to earn Dark Side Currency. Players can choose to manually battle or simulate battles they have previously completed with a three-star victory. By simulating battles, players can save time and still earn Dark Side Currency.

2. Participating in Dark Side Territory Battles: Dark Side Territory Battles are guild events that require players to tackle challenging missions using only Dark Side characters. By participating in these battles and achieving high scores, players can earn Dark Side Currency as rewards.

3. Completing Daily Activities: Daily activities offer a variety of rewards, including Dark Side Currency. Ensure that you complete all the daily activities to maximize your earnings.

4. Achieving High Galactic Power: Galactic Power is a measure of a player’s overall progress in SWGOH. By improving your Galactic Power, you increase your chances of receiving Dark Side Currency as rewards in various game modes.

5. Completing Daily Challenges: Daily challenges provide players with opportunities to earn Dark Side Currency. Make sure to complete the Dark Side-specific challenges to collect additional Dark Side Currency.

6. Joining a Guild: Guilds offer various benefits in SWGOH, including the opportunity to participate in guild events that reward Dark Side Currency. Join an active guild to take advantage of these rewards.

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7. Purchasing Dark Side Currency: If you’re willing to spend real money, Dark Side Currency can be purchased from the in-game store. However, it’s advisable to explore the aforementioned methods before resorting to purchasing.


1. Can I earn Dark Side Currency from Light Side battles?
No, Dark Side Currency can only be obtained from Dark Side battles, events, and challenges.

2. How frequently are Dark Side Territory Battles available?
Dark Side Territory Battles occur periodically and are announced in the in-game events calendar.

3. Can I use Dark Side Currency to unlock Light Side characters?
No, Dark Side Currency is exclusively used for unlocking and upgrading Dark Side characters.

4. Are Dark Side battles more challenging than Light Side battles?
The difficulty of battles in SWGOH varies depending on the specific battle and your character’s power. Both Dark Side and Light Side battles can be challenging.

5. Can I earn Dark Side Currency by participating in PvP battles?
No, Dark Side Currency can only be earned through specific game modes like Dark Side battles and Dark Side Territory Battles.

6. Are there any limited-time events that reward Dark Side Currency?
Occasionally, limited-time events may offer Dark Side Currency as a reward. Keep an eye on the in-game events calendar for such opportunities.

7. Can I trade Dark Side Currency with other players?
No, Dark Side Currency cannot be traded or transferred between players. It can only be earned individually through gameplay.

By following these tips and frequently engaging in Dark Side battles and events, you’ll be able to accumulate Dark Side Currency efficiently and unlock powerful Dark Side characters in SWGOH. May the Force be with you!