How to Get Rid of Negative Balance on Cash App

How to Get Rid of Negative Balance on Cash App

Cash App is a popular peer-to-peer payment app that allows users to send and receive money easily. However, sometimes users may find themselves with a negative balance on their Cash App account due to various reasons such as failed transactions or chargebacks. If you’re facing a negative balance on your Cash App, here’s how you can get rid of it:

1. Add Funds: The simplest way to get rid of a negative balance on Cash App is to add funds to your account. You can link your bank account or debit card to your Cash App and transfer money into it to cover the negative balance.

2. Request a Refund: If you have made a payment to someone and it was not delivered or the product/service was not as expected, you can request a refund. Contact the recipient and explain the situation, and if they agree, they can initiate a refund through their Cash App.

3. Contact Cash App Support: If you’re unable to resolve the negative balance issue on your own, you can reach out to Cash App customer support. Explain the situation and provide any relevant details they may need. They will guide you on how to proceed and resolve the issue.

4. Resolve Chargebacks: If a chargeback has caused your negative balance, you will need to provide evidence to support your case. Contact Cash App support and provide any necessary proof, such as receipts or communication with the other party involved.

5. Wait for Automatic Correction: In some cases, Cash App automatically corrects negative balances within a few days. This may happen if there was a temporary issue or a delay in processing a transaction. However, it’s advisable to take action rather than relying on automatic correction.

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6. Avoid Future Negative Balances: To prevent negative balances in the future, make sure you have sufficient funds in your Cash App account before making any payments. Keep track of your transactions and resolve any issues promptly to avoid chargebacks.

7. Stay Vigilant: Cash App scams are on the rise, and scammers may try to exploit your negative balance situation. Be cautious of any unsolicited messages or calls claiming to be from Cash App support. Only contact official Cash App support through the app or their official website.


1. What happens if I don’t clear my negative balance on Cash App?
If you don’t clear your negative balance, Cash App may suspend your account or take legal action to recover the funds.

2. Can I use another payment method to clear my negative balance on Cash App?
No, you can only use the funds in your Cash App account to clear a negative balance.

3. How long does it take for Cash App to correct a negative balance?
Cash App typically corrects negative balances within a few days, but it’s best to take action promptly to resolve the issue.

4. Can I dispute a negative balance on Cash App?
Yes, you can dispute a negative balance if you believe it to be incorrect or unjustified.

5. Can I transfer money from another Cash App account to clear my negative balance?
Yes, if you have another Cash App account, you can transfer funds from it to clear your negative balance.

6. Can I delete my Cash App account with a negative balance?
No, you cannot delete your Cash App account with a negative balance. You must clear the negative balance before closing the account.

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7. Will my negative balance affect my credit score?
No, Cash App does not report to credit bureaus, so a negative balance will not directly impact your credit score.

In conclusion, if you find yourself with a negative balance on Cash App, take immediate action to resolve the issue. Add funds, request refunds, contact support, or provide evidence for chargebacks. Stay vigilant to avoid scams and prevent future negative balances.