Where Can I Exchange Currency in Ireland

Where Can I Exchange Currency in Ireland?

If you are traveling to Ireland and need to exchange your currency, you have several options available to you. Here are some of the most common places where you can exchange currency in Ireland:

1. Banks: Most major banks in Ireland offer currency exchange services. You can visit the nearest branch of your bank or any other bank to exchange your currency. Keep in mind that banks may charge a commission or fee for this service.

2. Currency Exchange Bureau: There are many currency exchange bureaus located in popular tourist areas and city centers in Ireland. These bureaus specialize in currency exchange and often offer competitive rates. It is advisable to compare rates before making a transaction.

3. Airports: If you prefer to exchange your currency at the airport, you will find currency exchange desks in the arrival and departure areas. However, be aware that airport exchange rates can be less favorable compared to other options.

4. Post Offices: An alternative to banks and currency exchange bureaus is to visit a post office. Many post offices in Ireland offer currency exchange services, and the rates are usually reasonable.

5. Hotels: Some hotels in Ireland offer currency exchange services for their guests. However, it is recommended to inquire about the rates and fees beforehand, as they may not be as competitive as other options.

6. Online Currency Exchange Platforms: Another convenient option is to use online currency exchange platforms. These platforms allow you to exchange your currency online and have it delivered to your desired location in Ireland. Just make sure to choose a reputable platform with secure payment methods.

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7. ATMs: If you have a debit or credit card, you can withdraw cash in the local currency directly from ATMs. However, be aware that your bank may charge foreign transaction fees or ATM withdrawal fees. It is advisable to check with your bank regarding fees and exchange rates before using ATMs.


1. Are there any limits on how much currency I can exchange in Ireland?
– There are no specific limits on currency exchange in Ireland. However, banks or currency exchange bureaus may have their own limits or requirements.

2. Should I exchange currency before arriving in Ireland?
– It is not necessary to exchange currency before arriving in Ireland. You can easily exchange your currency upon arrival at any of the aforementioned locations.

3. Is it better to exchange currency at a bank or a currency exchange bureau?
– Both banks and currency exchange bureaus offer currency exchange services. It is recommended to compare rates and fees at different places before making a decision.

4. Can I use my credit or debit card instead of exchanging currency?
– Yes, you can use your credit or debit card at most establishments in Ireland. However, it is always advisable to carry some cash for smaller businesses or places that do not accept cards.

5. Are there any fees associated with currency exchange in Ireland?
– Banks, currency exchange bureaus, or online platforms may charge a commission or fee for currency exchange services. It is essential to inquire about any fees before making a transaction.

6. Should I exchange all of my currency at once?
– It is generally recommended to exchange a small amount of currency at a time and keep some cash for emergencies. You can always exchange more currency as needed.

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7. Is it possible to exchange currency back to my original currency before leaving Ireland?
– Yes, most banks and currency exchange bureaus allow you to exchange your remaining currency back to your original currency. However, it is advisable to check if there are any fees or requirements for this service.