Why Is Revlon Root Erase Out of Stock Everywhere

Why Is Revlon Root Erase Out of Stock Everywhere?

Revlon Root Erase, a popular hair coloring product, has been noticeably out of stock in many stores and online retailers across the country. This has left many customers wondering why they can’t get their hands on their favorite root touch-up product. Here are some possible reasons for the shortage:

1. Increased demand during the pandemic: The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the closure of hair salons and forced people to resort to at-home hair care. As a result, the demand for products like Revlon Root Erase has skyrocketed, causing a shortage in the supply.

2. Manufacturing and supply chain disruptions: The pandemic has disrupted various aspects of the global supply chain, including manufacturing facilities and distribution networks. This disruption has led to delays in production and distribution, resulting in limited availability of products like Revlon Root Erase.

3. High demand for specific shades: Certain shades of Revlon Root Erase may be more popular than others, leading to an imbalance in the availability of different color options. This could result in some shades being out of stock while others remain available.

4. Retailer stock management: Retailers may not have anticipated the surge in demand for at-home hair color products and may not have ordered enough stock to meet the increased need. This could contribute to the scarcity of Revlon Root Erase in many retail locations.

5. Manufacturing prioritization: Due to limited resources and increased demand for other products, Revlon may be prioritizing the production of certain items over others. This could lead to a shortage of Revlon Root Erase as resources are diverted to more essential or high-demand products.

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6. Global shipping challenges: International shipping disruptions caused by the pandemic have affected the timely delivery of products from manufacturing facilities to retailers. This can result in longer lead times and reduced availability of Revlon Root Erase.

7. Temporary production halts: Revlon may have temporarily halted the production of certain products, including Root Erase, to implement safety measures in response to the pandemic. This can further contribute to the shortage.


1. Will Revlon Root Erase be restocked soon?
– It is difficult to say for certain, as the availability of Revlon Root Erase depends on various factors. However, Revlon is likely working to address the supply shortage and restock the product as soon as possible.

2. Can I purchase Revlon Root Erase from other retailers online?
– While some online retailers may have limited stock available, the shortage is widespread. It is advisable to check multiple platforms to increase your chances of finding the product.

3. Are there alternative root touch-up products available?
– Yes, there are several other brands that offer root touch-up products. It may be worth exploring alternatives while waiting for Revlon Root Erase to become available again.

4. How can I stay updated on the availability of Revlon Root Erase?
– Following Revlon’s official social media accounts and signing up for email newsletters can help you stay informed about restocking updates.

5. Can I pre-order Revlon Root Erase?
– Pre-order availability may vary depending on the retailer and the specific product. It is advisable to check with individual retailers for pre-order options.

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6. Are there any DIY alternatives to Revlon Root Erase?
– Yes, there are various DIY root touch-up methods available, such as using eyeshadow or temporary root concealers. These options can provide a temporary solution until Revlon Root Erase is restocked.

7. Is there an estimated timeline for when Revlon Root Erase will be back in stock?
– Unfortunately, there is no specific timeline available. Revlon is likely working diligently to address the shortage and restock the product, but the timeline may vary depending on multiple factors.